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Visitors from DfE talk to staff and pupils at AVS

DfE visitors meet stakeholders

By Fiona Wilkins - May 24th, 2024 | Posted in Article

The Department for Education were invited to visit Arbour Vale School on Thursday16th May 2024, to talk to stakeholders across the school on various topics including curriculum and assessment, attendance and transitioning, stakeholder engagement, annual reviews and strategic issues/challenges.

The members of the delegation were given a tour of the school, highlighting how each department works together to get the best possible outcomes for the pupils.

Our visitors particularly enjoyed seeing the pupils work displayed and the warm and friendly welcome they were given by pupils and staff.

The student council had the opportunity to share their views and opinions relating to how the school works, what they feel could be improved and most importantly, what they enjoy about the school.

The student council explained how they work together, how they are able to get their views and opinions across and how their roles differ and support the ethos of the school.

The whole experience for everyone involved was very positive.