Budding Entrepreneurs

By Support - July 12th, 2022 | Posted in News

We were delighted to welcome parents and carers into school on Friday 1st July for our Market Day. This was the culmination of Enterprise Week when students had come up with business ideas and then made or sourced goods to sell to our visitors and raise money for their classes.

There were some fantastically creative ideas from jewellery to painted ornaments. Beaconsfield Class had made star shaped candle holders whilst Banbury Class opted for multi-coloured slime. Dorchester Class had made jewellery and coasters from resin and Wendover Class had used beads for their jewellery. Reading also made jewellery and key rings which proved popular. Eton Class had bagged up hair slides and were also selling pictures saying ‘Autism is proof that love doesn’t need words’.

Other classes had painted glass jars to be used as flower vases or storage pots and there was also play dough and bath salts to be had. Several classes went down the green route with bird feeders, bee bombs and plants all on sale. Visitors could also buy a book and Wycombe class thought they were on to a winner with their toy stall. One class even had Christmas decorations on sale – it is never too early apparently!

There were also a number of games to encourage our visitors to part with their money. Dover Class had a Wheel of Fortune and other classes went for more traditional games such as hook a duck, hoopla, a water pistol range and throw a bean bag in a bucket. There were also various raffles, tombolas and lucky dips.

Some of the most popular stalls were those who were selling ice cream, sweeties, drinks and cakes. Classes were clearly split into selling food to be consumed on the spot and others who had neatly bagged up their goodies to be taken home for siblings and other family members. The lemonade stall had done a fantastic marketing job with decorated aprons and yellow balloons to make them stand out in the crowd.

One of our parents emailed the school after the event, to say: “Market Day in Arbour Vale School was the  most precious and unique experience for our family  that  we were grateful being part of the unique adventure and a beautiful team work. Arbour Vale Students did a great job; they and their work was inspirational for all Market Day – OUTSTANDING. Students were super stars.”

We couldn’t agree more! As well as being really fun afternoon, Enterprise Week and our Market Day is a great way for our classes to get creative and learn some business skills. As always, a huge thank you to all our families for your generous support. Well done to all our budding Entrepreneurs!