Fantastic Urdu Course

By Support - July 1st, 2022 | Posted in News

 Huge thank you to the Parenting Special Children charity who facilitated a six week course ’Time out for Special Needs’,  in Urdu. This was organised due to popular demand and in response to listening to our family’s needs. Parents as well as members of the wider community were invited. The workshop  was a phenomenal success with fantastic feedback from those who attended.  A total of 12 families participated, one via Zoom with the rest joining us in person.

Parents overwhelmingly found the course useful. They felt that the course being delivered in their own language made the experience more inclusive. They were able to engage better with the course content and this helped them to overcome the usual language barriers. On completion, parents received certificates and were very happy with their achievements.

Some of our fantastic course feedback:

“The Urdu workshops are one of the best workshops I’ve been attending at AVS so far.  Zobia is exceptionally good: the workshops have been really tailored to our needs, Zobia is not imposing her structure of presentations as it usually happens in other workshops, she listens to us and adapt very quickly, she has been really good at improvising on short notice and she was even able to show us very useful slides. I would highly recommend her presentation about sleep issues to other parents: it’s not all about boring theory but full of practical tips, everyone feels very included and understood.” – Parent

 “This course was really helpful and good for me to understand my child’.” – Parent

“Thank you so much for an amazing course. Really helpful to have it in our own language’.” – Parent

“This course helped me with strategies to support my child sensory needs and improve his behaviours” – Parent

“This course helped me to improve my confidence and to feel that I am not alone. We want these kind of courses in future.” – Parent