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By Support - July 11th, 2022 | Posted in News

Home Start Slough are looking for volunteers and have a new upcoming course starting in September. We are looking for parents/carers that might be able to spare 1-2 hours per week whilst their children are at school.

A little bit about Home Start

Home Start is a befriending service to families that are feeling overwhelmed with motherhood/fatherhood.

We have a cohort of volunteers and are always looking for more to join us. As volunteers we would need you for approximately 1-2 hours per week and you will be trained to support a family in need. Volunteers are there to help and to offer advice (but not there to tell families what to do) and offer ideas on how to put in structure/routines/behaviour plans in place for their families to make things a little easier. If you have more spare time you can choose to work with a couple of families.

Once trained the expectation is that volunteers would be in contact their assigned family at least once a week. During these visits or phone calls you would be the listening ear with no judgment. You might be the only person that they have contact with that week and they need someone to off load to.

Volunteers can support families by signposting them in the right direction for activities for them to do as a family. Encourage them to go for a walk, explain the benefits. To get them started, you can go with them for a weekly walk, they might also just need someone to come with them to the dentist or to a play group. You would help to encourage them to go by offering to go with them for the first time. Some of our families don’t go out or get out due to anxiety or could be because they are struggling with their children’s behaviour or putting in a routine at home.

As a volunteer we would need to apply for a DBS for you. We also have a training course for you that would give you a better understanding of Home Start and what we offer. In the mean time you can have a look at our website via the link below

Homes Start Slough

If you have any questions please get in touch with Sarah Doe via email.


or complete the volunteer application form below

Home Start Slough Volunteer Application Form