Arbour Vale School

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    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Within Arbour Vale School there are classes specifically set up for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum. They are staffed by highly skilled teachers and TAs. These classes cater for children from 2 to 19 years of age with autism and associated learning difficulties. In addition, many of our pupils have specific sensory, behavioural, medical, social or emotional needs.  

    The main aim of the ASD classes is to enable our children and young people to achieve their potential; develop the greatest degree of independence in communication; gain social competencies; engage in their thinking and learning and achieve sensory regulation.

    The children are:

    • encouraged to live an independent healthy lifestyle
    • prepared for adult life with appropriate opportunities, responsibilities and experiences
    • benefiting from a high staff to pupil ratio
    • accessing and feeling included in the local community.

    All pupils in ASD specific classes have an individualised personal organiser for their identified level. These contain their timetable, reward charts, rules, choosing boards, social stories and behavioural strategies.  These are used to maintain engagement and provide personalised support.

    Pupils are provided with opportunities to work in a variety of environments including: independent, 1:1, small group and whole group scenarios.  All pupils have access to discrete learning areas which support the pupils to remain on task and to limit distractions. The learning environment, behaviour and sensory plans are regularly reviewed, modified and implemented to promote pupil success.