Parents learn Seesaw

By Support - November 16th, 2022 | Posted in News

On Monday 14th November 2022, Arbour Vale School hosted a Seesaw workshop for parents and carers. Seesaw is the platform that we use to set home learning for our pupils. This was an interactive session where parents and carers were able to explore the application on the school iPads and ask questions to staff providing the training. If you missed the training, please take a look at the PowerPoint presentation that was shared on the day by clicking the link below

Seesaw Workshop for Parents Presentation

Feedback from parents was once again very positive. We asked what the most useful part of the training was. Below are some of the replies.

“Learning about seesaw and knowing how to use it at home”

The information to learning for the kids in an easier way to progress with learning”

Being able to use the school ipads to practise”