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Sensory Circuit Workshop

By Support - February 1st, 2023 | Posted in News

On Wednesday 18th January 2023, Arbour Vale Staff hosted a Sensory Circuit workshop for parents led by the Occupational Therapists. Parents had the opportunity to come in and experience a practical session of activities used in sensory circuits to give them ideas of how they can implement these activities at home. If you missed the training, please have a look at the PowerPoint presentation (click the link below) that was shared with parents on the day.

Sensory Circuit Workshop presentation

Feedback from parents was positive. Parents were asked what was the most useful part of the workshop. Below are some of their replies.

‘’learning the different techniques that parents can use at home’’

 ‘’seeing the specialists and the equipment knowledge and also seeing and hearing other parents views’’

 ‘’being given the opportunity to see and try the equipment used for sensory circuits’’