Voice in a Million

By Support - April 4th, 2023 | Posted in News

Our school choir consisting of 45 pupils from Secondary and Post-16 took part in ‘Voice in a Million’, a special concert held on 15th March in the OVO Arena, Wembley to raise  awareness of adoption.

It was a great experience, singing 13 popular songs as part of the choir alongside thousands of other children aged 7 to 21, representing schools from all over the country. All the pupils, as well as the 16 members of staff and 4 parents who volunteered to support our pupils, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the preparation and the evening’s performance. To find out more or order the DVD of the concert please use the link below

Voice in a Million

Arbour Vale has also invested in having iRock band coaching in school every Monday morning. iRock is passionate about getting children inspired and making them feel like real musicians. On Monday, 20th March, the  four school bands had their first public performance of their very own rock and pop songs in front of their peers and parents.

We look forward to many more concerts.