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Waldon Workshop

Waldon Approach Workshop

By Fiona Wilkins - March 11th, 2024 | Posted in Article

On Tuesday 5th March 2024, Arbour Vale Staff hosted a ‘’Waldon Approach’’ workshop for parents. Parents were able to explore practice activities that can be used at home in our interactive session. We explored the learning environment and how things could be adapted at home to successfully carry out the activities.

Feedback from parents was positive. Parents were asked what was the most useful part of the workshop.

Below are some of their replies.

‘It was great to learn different strategies to use at home!’’

 ‘Very informative! All the stages, levels, techniques were well arranged and organised. Very good demonstrations and slides’’

 ‘’I learnt how important it is for all children to do these simple activities in order to get them ready for daily life ad be independent’’

 ‘’I have now found a way to connect and teach my child’’

If you would like to view the presentation from this workshop please use the link below:

Waldon Approach Workshop